Saturday, April 30, 2005

Here we go again

what is this about blogging that makes it so hot? Even me, who in the course of 10 years of more or less professional web building have not managed to create let alone update a personal web site, am blogging now.
Actually, it's my second attempt. The first one had three posts and was in my MSN Space. Kind of neglected that, after a while: too crublesom to log in to and no nice way to refere to it. MSN 7 is not yet widespread enough, anyway.
So, back to blogging. It seems that a surprisingly wide group of people has discovered a taste for writing. I don't think so may of us actually enjoyed writing essays at highschool but all of a suddeln there are blogs everywhere. Maybe it's just the ease of it? Or a strange flavour of exhibitionism? dunno, gotta be a psychologyst to figure that one.
The scale of blogs is rather surprising, too. They range from my own random thoughlets to comprehensive reviews of a specific matter as this really cool discussion of the XA protocol (found here) shows.
Which one is it gonna be for me? I could do some picture blogging (although I keep a up-to-date collection of my best pictures at the Home for Professional Amateurs). Also, there has probably been enough traumatizing project management and architectural experience in my life to produce some experience blogging. Or maybe start posting my Polar excercise files to start my own training blog? There is no way of knowing. It's probably gonna be a mix of those. So, if you happen to read this (beats me, how you got here, by the way) and can remember the URL, welcome back!

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