Sunday, December 16, 2007

Objects of my life: Victorinox

Victorinox, originally uploaded by Andres Kütt.

This is a first post of something I hope develops into a sort of series. I guess we are more or less defined by countless, often small, objects that surround us. People who carry three different hand-held devices wherever they go and people who can appreciate a good sharp ax. People who swear by Leatherman and those who go the MacGyver way.

I'm one of the latter. This particular piece has been with me about 6 years. My colleagues gave me one for a birthday. I thought I had lost it so my wife gave me a new one which is pictured here. As you can see, it has been in heavy (ab)use showing wear and tear but I wouldn't be surprised it would serve my grandchildren.

The most difficult task I have undertaken with one of those was to assemble a IKEA computer table out of a pile of 50 odd pieces (this included hammering some nails) and it was the most handy when I broke a pedal basket 10 minutes before a MTB marathon and fixed it using an empty Red Bull can.

You truly can call this the mans best friend.

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