Thursday, March 08, 2007

Correction on the smokes

Apparently, when writing about the wolf smoking cigarettes the other way around a couple of posts ago, I was plain wrong. As a friend pointed out, he is smoking a specific brand of soviet smokes called "Belomorkanal" (White Sea Channel, also look at my post about history) which have a very long white filter and short gray part with tobacco.

Silly me, then. Also, he was kind enough to point out that 1411200 roubles will get you a railway wagon (560 000 packets) of those things. The fact that somebody actually knows that is kind of spooky. Anyway, thanks for helping out!

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Laazik said...

Just a quick correction, they did not have a filter, but just an empty cardboard pipe, which you could press together. Kind of "Priima", but just half tobacco. :).