Friday, April 13, 2007

Day 6-7: The messup

This one goes out to the fine people of Estravel. Last morning I checked out from one hotel and into a new one. The cab driver dropped me off at the wrong hotel, but that didn't even aggravate me much. Checked in for one night and ordered a car for transfer to the airport next morning. The car arrived (a long wheelbase Lincoln Towncar that amazingly cost $60 vs. $52 for ordinary dirty taxicab) and took me to Dulles. Where I found out that my plane is to leave on 15th not 13th. And this is why: apparently, Estravel had done another two booking in another hotel for the last two days of my stay. As I had done the planning a long time ago and did not see these bookings in the pile of papers and tickets the sort of trip requires I figured that my check-out date from the hotel is also my departure date. This would have undoubtedly surfaced earlier, but Estravel DID NOT GIVE ME ANY INFORMATION WHATSOEVER UP TO THE POINT WHERE MY PLANE WAS ALREADY LEAVING. Who would have thought that a 7-day stay in Washington would need FIVE different hotel bookings in two different hotels?

I'm still angry but about to go jogging which usually calms me down a little bit.

Spent the day sleeping and shopping. Went to a mall at Pentagon City with a hope to find a Discovery Channel store and maybe some place to get something to clean the extremely dusty sensor of my D10. Found the former (which was almost devoid of any Discovery-channel related stuff, no Mythbusters t-shirt this time unfortunately) but not the latter. At the mac store I stumbled upon Bose headphones attached to an iPod. Boy, are they good. I have never ever ever heard such audio quality and the noise cancellation is amazing: the whole background rumble of a big mall just went away on a flick of a switch. They are portable, too, which is important for me. But they cost $300. Still longing, but at the moment, they are just too expensive.

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