Wednesday, January 24, 2007

In London once again

Am in London again. That's not a big deal but I'd like to share two things with you. The first is the Danubius hotel I'm staying at. What a roach-hole! Never seen a TV that is so small and with such a bad picture, the shower has about third a inch of travel between bitterly cold and boiling hot, the reception is strange and unfriendly, at some point there was a loud bang in the corridor and minutes later the manager called to check up if I was OK and so on and so forth. Just crap. Stayed just one night and I actually need very little so no biggies.

The second thing is the experience of this morning. The hotel is located near Regent Park and there had been a inch or so snow during the night. That made for a wonderful walk, it was really beautiful. Got up real early so the city was still relatively quiet, the birds were singing and it was all nice, fresh and calm. Very exhilarating, indeed.

Can't understand the Brits, though. The morning news made the situation sound like a total catastrophe with phrases like "freezing cold" and "treacherous driving conditions". Jesus, I saw a couple of guys jogging in shorts and I barely had to zip my coat. Anyway, it was just beautiful!

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