Thursday, January 18, 2007

Photography: is there such thing like too much photography?

It is done. I just uploaded last of the images and took at the Lightroom beta (it rocks, by the way). The shoot contained no less than 924 images. That's quite a lot for two and a half days. It actually feels like I have had enough, it's too much. Funny, never thought such a thing was possible, but it is. One of the reasons might be that the other guys were, based on what I saw, taking much better pictures. Also, it is physically challenging to carry a camera around for 14 hours. The conditions were also very poor: mostly a darkish room with a very high ceiling so nowhere to bounce the flash off from. Had to use high ISO to get anything resembling of a portrait.

Anyway, I am tired as a dog and will leave sorting of the images for the weekend. And can you guys see them? No, it was a closed event and no images can be published, sorry.

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